Poetry and Prose

A Poem- Limbo Syncopation

Limbo Syncopation

Whispers in Creation

Moon in Admiration

Steps in Consideration

Time in Evaluation

Eyes in Elation

Skin in Vibration

Hum in Salvation

Search in Sensation

Stagnation of Internal Nation

Starvation in my Main Station


The extra Evaluation

A super Fixation

Limbo in Relocation

Alteration of Calibration

Conform the Conversation

Find the Correlation

Deprivation to Devastation

A total Violation

A cadaver’s Divination

Trusting my Motivation,



Don’t overdo

Take a few,

Some Respiration,







A Poem: Take Me Back

Take Me Back


Bring me Back

To the land where dust takes the place of scratched cotton


Bring me Back

To the air that whistles

Let me see through the hummingbird’s eyes

In the sweet dry air

Scented with prickly pear and sage


Take Me Away


From the artificial busy-ness

The buzzing of NOT bees

In plastic and metal

Alternate and toxic connections

Misunderstanding and complication

Webbings spurred through NOT a hummingbird’s wing

Or by necessity of a spider’s thirst

Thought to be buzzing until reaching this flower

Falling NOT to the bush

And rather to concrete


Dusty air that whistles

Take Me Back

Away from scratched cotton on concrete


Bring Me Back


Take Me Back


To the open home


Without walls

and internal judgements build by me